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Merchant Services
Customers today expect the businesses where they shop to accept a wide range of payment types. This includes not only cash and checks, but credit and debit cards as well. If your business does not allow customers to pay with plastic, you could be missing out on a tremendous volume of sales. This incorporates online sales, since credit and debit cards are two of the main ways shoppers pay for goods and services purchased online. The fact is, most businesses in the retail, mail and telephone order, and online industries have to accept credit and debit cards if they want to remain competitive.
Small Business Lending
Banks sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to making business loans. But it’s important to remember that banks are in the business of lending money. Like any good business, your bank needs to take safeguards to reduce risk — specifically, the risk that the money is not repaid in a timely manner. This is why banks have a detailed loan application process in place that businesses must follow if they want to borrow money. While it might seem like “red tape,” this process is designed to protect the bank and make it easier for the bank to help your business.
Computer attacked by cyber terrorists
Today, the world is facing a devastating new type of terrorism: cybercrime. As a result, businesses face a heightened risk of falling victim to cyber breaches, as high-profile cyber attacks on major corporations have made evident. This post outlines specific cyber crime risks businesses may face, as well as tips on how to combat and deal with different types of cybercrime.
The list of major corporations that have been the victims of recent cyber attacks reads like a Who’s Who of blue-chip corporate America: Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan Chase, UPS, Coca-Cola, Sony, Anthem. Due to these attacks, cyber crime is just as big of a concern for small and mid-sized companies as it is for these large corporations that are making headlines. This post details how cyber crimes can impact the organizational operations, mission, capabilities and reputation of any sized business. It further discusses steps to uncover your vulnerabilities and determine actions you should take to protect against them.


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