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Hurricane Harvey Relief

Cadence associates stepped up to help those who had been catastrophically affected by Hurricane Harvey

Cadence Investment Analyst Sees No Reason Not to Help

Cadence Associates Assisting with Hurricane Harvey ReliefBack in November 2018, Cadence Bank Investment Analyst Joaquín Jiménez was inspired to help other Houstonians who had been catastrophically affected by Hurricane Harvey. This Cadence Champion has gone above and beyond to “Do right.” And he’s still doing just that.


Flooding and tornadoes from the massive hurricane ravaged much of southeast Texas and parts of Louisiana in late August 2017. As a result, FEMA’s disaster relief efforts were extended to more than 40 counties and parishes. “I was so grateful to have weathered the storm safely that I was determined to find a way to help,” says Jiménez.


After some searching, Jiménez discovered SBP, a non-profit organization originally founded after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild St. Bernard Parish in New Orleans. He signed up to volunteer with SBP, which was actively helping rebuild the homes of Houston-area residents who’d been displaced by the storm.


Jiménez, who has no family in the Houston area, says he strives to volunteer as much as he can to help people in the community. He has volunteered with SBP anywhere from four to eight hours at least one Saturday a month since late 2018, donating more than 60 hours over the past year, and has spearheaded efforts to coordinate Cadence volunteer groups.


As a volunteer, Jiménez typically helps complete interior renovations, such as dry wall, flooring, painting and the finishing touches that make homes livable again. “That Saturday when the volunteers come in really propels the day-to-day crews toward completing the work and getting that displaced family back to their home,” says Jiménez.


Cadence Associates Help With Hurricane Harvey ReliefJiménez explains he has been moved by the displaced families and individuals who have had to make do living in one small section of their home or shuffling from one temporary spot to another. “Think about not having a real home for two years,” says Jiménez. “They’ve lost everything and can’t begin rebuilding their lives until they have a stable home.”


“The families come by when we’re working on their homes, and they’re extremely touched you’re there to help,” says Jiménez. “It has inspired me to keep volunteering after the three-year disaster relief period ends because I want to help these families get out of that temporary state and into their permanent homes.”


His efforts have connected him with numerous Cadence associates who are also regular volunteers with SBP. “Rick Light [SVP, Trust & Estates Officer], who works in the West Houston office has volunteered every single Saturday that I have,” says Jiménez.


Jiménez says he’s a helper by nature. “If I see a person who needs help, I’ll always do what I can. My question is always ‘why wouldn’t you?’ There’s no reason not to help.”


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Cadence Bank is proud of Alan and all our associates who work to make the world a better place. When people come together to make a difference for youth, the whole community wins. Learn more about our mission, vision and values.




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