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Day of Understanding #dayofunderstanding


Bringing a Day of Understanding to Associates at Cadence Bank

On Monday, April 26, 2021, more than 550 associates from across Cadence Bank united for an inaugural Day of Understanding. The event was held as part of our CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ pledge and as part of our series of crucial conversations focused on historically marginalized minority groups.


With a focus on the African American community, the webinar raised awareness of the experiences of four Black associates and two allies, promoting understanding to build empathy and inspire others on a journey of allyship.


Personal stories were shared to highlight the challenges confronting African Americans in daily activities. The conversations were both courageous and difficult, and provided eye-opening accounts of the struggles faced by this minority group.


The forum also provided guidance on the concept of allyship, demonstrating how to better listen and understand varying perspectives, how to teach others to do the same, and how to meet people where they are in their journey.


“These are tough issues we must confront as a corporation,” said Myra Caldwell, Chief Diversity Officer of Cadence Bank. “But we view this is an important – and very critical part – of our journey to building a bank and a culture that is more equitable and inclusive, not only internally but also for the communities we serve.”


The Day of Understanding event is designed to provide signatories of the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ with a platform to make a collective impact across the coalition’s 2,000 businesses by leading with open dialogue and inspiring change. It is the business community’s largest movement to host candid conversations and advance the value of having different perspectives in the workplace.


In addition to this event focused on the African American community, Cadence Bank held a webinar in February to discuss gender equality. Plans are now underway to host additional events throughout the year with the goal of having crucial conversations with all seven historically underserved and marginalized groups. 


“We are constantly in a state of learning, polishing and refining our skills to embrace different perspectives and support one another,” explained Caldwell. “Every minority group is confronting different struggles, so having these events with varying perspectives throughout the year – along with the other internally and externally focused DEI work we are doing – will be key to our growth as an organization.”


Learn more about the diversity, equity and inclusion commitments of Cadence Bank as well as our participation in the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion.


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