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Celebrating Our Community

Teaching Business Skills that Change Lives

A diploma from a graduate of The WorkFaith Connection.

Teaching Business Skills that Change Lives

Using financial and business expertise to lend a hand to organizations and individuals is at the heart of Cadence’s commitment to its communities. Several Houston-area Cadence associates have found inspiration and purpose volunteering with The WorkFaith Connection.


Teaching Business Skills that Change LivesThis Houston-based nonprofit helps disadvantaged job seekers find hope and develop the confidence and skills to obtain employment. Through an eight-day bootcamp, WorkFaith staff and volunteers coach job seekers on job search methods, putting together a strong resume, answering tough interview questions and identifying job opportunities. WorkFaith also works with employers to help program graduates make valuable connections, in addition to mentoring them for up to a year. The organization draws on Christian beliefs to lift up those who feel defeated in their journey to find work and a better life.


Near the end of the bootcamp, participants go through mock interviews to prepare them for future real-world job interviews. At least a dozen Cadence associates have volunteered as mock interviewers with WorkFaith.


Ron Harris, VP, ERM Senior Credit Review Officer, has done so for the past three years. He was introduced to the organization through his wife, who also works as a banker and volunteers with WorkFaith.


“In the mock interviews, we act as a prospective employer,” says Ron. “We’ll role play and then do some coaching on how they can be stronger. We also help them understand how to make a good first impression and the power of nonverbal communication, in addition to coaching them on how to discuss difficult parts of their history, such as a criminal past or a long period of unemployment.”


Ron has been repeatedly moved by his experiences. “It’s very, very rewarding for me personally,” says Ron. “I’ve received some very touching, well-thought out thank-you notes. And the real icing on the cake is receiving a notice that a participant you interviewed recently became employed. You see their picture with their status update and it’s just so uplifting.”


Ron says he continues to volunteer because he finds purpose in his participation. “It’s grown into something really special for me,” says Ron. “It’s an opportunity to be a witness to them, to be an encourager for them.”


Teaching Business Skills that Change LivesKelly Boots, SVP, Manager of Loan Syndications, has volunteered with them for the past six years and has served on their board of directors since early 2018.


Kelly says she has stayed involved because the stories of the participants and graduates are inspiring. “The people who show up at WorkFaith have overcome many difficulties to get to the point where they can ask for help. They are truly starting over and are not only looking for a job, but a new life. It really puts life in perspective for me — the program transforms people and their lives.”


Since it was founded in 2006, The WorkFaith Connection has launched more than 5,000 graduates, and today, with three locations across Houston area, averages more than 500 graduates a year.


Interested in getting involved? Contact The WorkFaith Connection. Or search for similar opportunities in your city.


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