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Helping Our Clients Realize Their Dreams

Cadence’s expertise in SBA lending pays off for first-time franchisees

Helping Our Clients Realize Their Dreams

Despite successful careers as medical professionals, Addison and Elizabeth Parris longed for the special sense of security that comes with having their own business. When they discovered the owner of a Tropical Smoothie Café franchise in Midtown Atlanta was looking for a buyer, they decided to take the plunge.


Cadence Streamlines Small Business Lending


As busy medical professionals, Addison and Elizabeth Parris understood that the best way for them to satisfy their dream of owning a business was to buy a franchise. “As part of a franchise, you are following a time-tested business model that has been replicated many times,” said Addison Parris, an Infectious Disease Specialist at a Georgia hospital. “As long as you follow the guidelines of the franchisor, your chances of success are really high.”


It was Elizabeth Parris, a nurse clinician at another hospital, who discovered Tropical Smoothie Café. “I had been eating at one near our home and suggested that we try it out one day after work,” she said. “We really liked the concept.”


The Parrises did their due diligence, enlisted another physician as a partner and qualified with Tropical Smoothie Café as a franchisee. When they found the Midtown Atlanta location on the ground floor of a 19-story apartment building serving Georgia Tech students, they were excited but also apprehensive.


“I had tried to secure a commercial loan before, but it was a nightmare,” Elizabeth Parris said. “I finally had to walk away.” Learning of their bad experience, a fellow Tropical Smoothie Café franchisee recommended they talk to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Group at Cadence.


“They immediately put us at ease, explained the SBA process and set expectations,” Addison said. “But when they said Cadence could close the deal in 60 days, we were skeptical.”


As it turned out, despite a federal government shutdown, the SBA Group fulfilled their promise. “Cadence helped us meet a goal that we could not have fulfilled on our own,” Addison said. “It’s given us more of everything—more financial security and more peace of mind.”


The Parrises are thrilled with their new franchise and already thinking about a second one.


Cadence is committed to helping well-qualified small business owners like Elizabeth and Addison realize their dreams. That’s why we’ve made SBA loans a priority.


To see how we can help your small business, learn more about our SBA solutions.




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