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Common Text Banking Questions Answered

Q: What does SMS mean? 

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. It is more commonly called text messaging.

Q: To what number do I send text commands? 

52924 is the Cadence Text Banking number. That's the number you text the commands to, such as BAL to check your balance. Tip: Add 52924 to your phone’s contact list for quicker access to Cadence Text Banking.

Q: What text commands can I use with mobile banking?

Our Text Banking Guide list the available commands.  Some frequently used ones include:

BAL to check balances

XFER to transfer funds

RECENT to see the last four transactions

HELP for assistance with commands 

Q: Do I need to capitalize my text commands? 

No. Text commands are not case sensitive. Sending “help,” “HELP” or “Help” are all permitted.

Q: How much will I be charged for each text received? 

Your mobile service provider may charge you for SMS messages; there is no charge by Cadence Bank. Consult your mobile service provider or your mobile service contract for details about your message plan.

Q: How do I cancel my text banking service? 

Text one of the following commands to 52924:

Q: What happens if I change my mobile phone number? 

If you switch to a new mobile number, sign in to Cadence Online using your personal computer. Select "Mobile Banking" then "Text Banking." Enter your new mobile number and save changes.

Q: Does Cadence Bank offer telephone banking? 

Yes. Click here to learn more about our telephone banking.

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