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Cadence Online and Mobile FAQs

Q: How do I enroll in Cadence Online and Mobile banking?
The easiest way to enroll is to download the Cadence Mobile app from the Apple® App Store or the Google Play Store. You can enroll from the home screen on the app. Or if you’re at your computer, you can enroll from the home screen on      
Q: What does Cadence Online and Mobile banking cost?

There is no cost from Cadence Bank for Cadence Online or Cadence Mobile, and that also includes FlashDeposit in the mobile app and TotalMoney in both online and mobile banking. (If you use a mobile phone, there is no cost from Cadence Bank, but your mobile banking provider may apply standard rates depending on your data plan or text message plan.)

Q: What if I forget my Cadence Online and Mobile banking username?
If you have forgotten your User ID, please contact Cadence Bank Customer Service at 800-636-7622 or email [email protected]          
Q: What if I forget my password?
There is a self-service password reset feature on the login page of Cadence Online and the Mobile app, too.           
Q: Where do I get help if I need assistance with my Cadence Online or Mobile account?
Call or email Cadence Customer Service at 800-636-7622 or [email protected] for assistance.           
Q: Is text banking available with Cadence Mobile?
Yes, anyone who is enrolled in Cadence Mobile banking can perform text banking if their mobile service provider offers text services.           
Q: Is bill pay included in Cadence Online and Mobile banking? 

Yes, you may access bill pay through your Cadence Online and Mobile login. 

Q: How can I access my eStatement?
 Log into Cadence Online Banking, and in the Accounts menu, choose eStatements.

Q: Can anyone else see what accounts I put in the TotalMoney application in Cadence Online or Mobile?

No one can see your accounts unless you ask Cadence Customer Service to view them in order to assist you with a support issue.

Q: I have a joint checking account with a family member. Can they use Cadence Online and Mobile banking?

Yes, a joint checking account holder can enroll if they are the primary or secondary account holder on your Cadence account records.

Q: I also have a small business checking account at Cadence. Can I add it to Cadence Online and Mobile banking?

If you have a consumer banking relationship at Cadence, you may be able to add your small business checking account to your Cadence Online and Mobile account. After you enroll, look on the accounts screen to see if the small business account was linked automatically. If you do not see it on the accounts screen, then contact Customer Service at 800-636-7622 or [email protected] to see if it can be added manually.

You may prefer to manage your small business banking relationship via Cadence’s AllegroSM system, which is designed for businesses. Allegro’s basic Business Online Banking provides added functionality that is not available in Cadence Online and Mobile. In addition, Allegro offers a more robust online banking and bill pay system, plus treasury services to assist you in managing your business’s cash flow.

Q: How can I access Cadence Online and Mobile banking, including FlashDeposit and TotalMoney?

Cadence Online and Mobile can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Phone or tablet access requires that you download the Cadence Mobile app. It is not recommended that you use the desktop or laptop version on a mobile device, but this option is available for use when needed.

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