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Mobile Banking Questions

Q: What is mobile banking? 

Cadence's Mobile banking provides quick, safe account access from smartphones and tablets. This service makes it easy to see current account balances, view recent transactions, transfer funds between accounts, and make a FlashDeposit to your account using your mobile device's camera.

Q: Is there a charge for mobile banking? 

Not from Cadence Bank. Your wireless telecommunications provider may charge you for data usage. Check with your provider for details regarding your specific wireless plan and any data usage charges that may apply.

Q: How do I enroll in mobile banking? 

The easiest way to enroll is to download the Cadence Mobile app from the Apple® App Store or the Google Play Store. You can enroll from the home screen on the app. Or if you’re at your computer, you can enroll from the home screen on

 Q: Do I have to have the app to use mobile banking?

You need to have the app to use Cadence Mobile banking most effectively, but you can also use your mobile phone without the app to access Cadence Online via your web browser.


Q: What text commands can I use with mobile banking?

Our Text Banking Guide list the available commands.  Some frequently used ones include:

BAL to check balances

XFER to transfer funds

RECENT to see the last four transactions

HELP for assistance with commands 

Q: Do I need to capitalize my text commands? 

No. Text commands are not case sensitive. Sending “help,” “HELP” or “Help” are all permitted.

Q: Does Cadence Bank offer telephone banking? 

Yes. Click here to learn more about our telephone banking.

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