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Frequently Asked Credit Card Questions Answered

Q:  How do I apply for a Cadence credit card?
It's easy to apply for a Cadence Bank Credit Card either online or in person at a Cadence location near you.


Q:  How can I activate my credit card?

To activate your new Cadence Bank Credit Card, call 866-633-5293; available 24 hours a day. Please note: As a security precaution, you must call from a phone number listed on your account profile. This is most likely your home or main cell phone number.


If you call from a number that is not included in your account profile, you will not be able to activate your card. If you have any problems activating your card, please call 800-636-7622.


Q:  What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?
Call our 24-hour help line at 800-636-7622. Choose option #3 after your language selection.


Q:  What if I have more questions?

You can email additional questions to [email protected] or contact Cadence Bank Customer Service.


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