A distinctive beat. A unique rhythm. A synchronized harmony.

It’s a not merely a better way of banking or even a different way of banking.

It's a way of banking which keeps your needs a top priority.

We innovate for you. The fresh ideas on the table are there for a reason — you needed them. For example, ours is the first bank to offer single sign-on for all your business banking needs. And, we’re the first bank to launch a payables solution that works specifically for you. Yes, it is about technology. But it’s also about making technology deliver for you. We’re nimble. We’re reliable. It is always our goal to be in lock step with our customers' needs.

We strive to do right by our customers. It makes a difference that we always try to do right by our customers. Our investors are patient and focused on the long term. That gives us time to discover more about our customers. It gives us the opportunity to build relationships that work. These same investors are intent on building the communities where we live and work. And they have put their capital behind their words.

We take pride in our community. We celebrate our home and our neighbors and the diversity we represent. We share common goals and situations. We embrace each other as valued team members. And we bring the best people forward — people truly invested in your success — to work with you on your specific issues.

We own what we do. We take responsibility for our actions. We’re accountable to you, to our communities and to our team.  It’s a mindset, a habit, and it makes us better bankers and better stewards of our community.

Make no mistake, the banking revolution is here. And we will win it. By staying in step with our customers and understanding beyond the shadow of any doubt that we must continue to do things that truly matter to our customers.  By anticipating and planning, rather than accepting and reacting. And by forming a long-term relationship based on a mutual desire to make all of our lives and our communities better.

That’s our Cadence. Now, it’s time to find yours.

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