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Court-Created Trusts — Professional Money Management with Asset Protection

Cadence specializes in the management of settlement and judgment awards for minors and incapacitated adults.

Court-created trusts also can be designed to ensure a minor or incapacitated adult receives money awarded from a settlement or judgment when there is no guardian in place.

Court-created trusts can be competitive alternatives to:

  • Registries of the court
  • Annuities
  • Guardianship

A court-created trust provides flexibility as needs and markets change, asset protection that balances present and long-term needs, distributions without the expense of court involvement, professional money management, a competitive return on investment, accurate trust accounting, and avoidance of liability/malpractice issues. Perhaps best of all, any remaining principal can be returned at the end of the trust duration, unlike the payout system of most annuities.


Contact us to learn how a court-created trust can protect and manage your assets.  

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