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Overdraft Protection for Life’s Unexpected Events

Sometimes, life can hit a sour note. Cadence Bank overdraft protection gives you peace of mind for when that happens. Overdraft protection provides assistance when your money falls short and helps you avoid non-sufficient funds returned item fees. This service comes as an add-on to any checking account type you choose. Learn more about overdraft protection options available to you:

Account Overdraft Option

  • Transfer Overdraft moves money from one of your existing checking, savings or money market accounts to another. You will be charged $10 per transfer.

Line of Credit Overdraft Options

  • Regular Overdraft is a line of credit that applies to overdrafts of $1,000 — $2,500 and costs $20 per year. You will be charged $5 per advance, plus interest of 17.99% Annual Percentage Rate. You must qualify for this service.
  • Premier Overdraft Line of Credit is the choice for overdrafts of $2,500 — $10,000 and costs $20 per year. There are no charges per advance; a variable interest rate applies. You must qualify for this service.

Contact a Cadence Bank location near you for current interest rates. Interest rates based on Cadence Prime.


Apply today for the overdraft protection of your choice. 

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TurboTax Discount

TurboTax Discount

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