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Budgeting and Money Management at Your Fingertips With Cadence TotalMoney 

TotalMoney Lets You Speak All These Languages Fluently: Account Aggregation, Expense Tracking, Bubble Budgets, Debt Management

Cadence TotalMoney is like a one-on-one with your own Money Coach and accessible on your laptop, tablet or mobile any time. Within minutes of a one-time set up you see and interact with your money in a way that puts you in control and puts financial planning in your comfort zone.

TotalMoney not only gathers and organizes your accounts and transactions in one place, it allows you to track daily spending on things like gas and food and receive important alerts when your attention is needed. You see the spending patterns you want to change and the possibilities for growth you want to explore.

Cadence TotalMoney is simple to start, and if you have tried Personal Financial Management software before and been disappointed, TotalMoney is a real eye-opener. When it comes to your financial future, take control of the conversation with Cadence TotalMoney.

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TurboTax Discount

TurboTax Discount

Cadence Bank is offering a discount on tax preparation by TurboTax.

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Interact with your money anytime, anywhere. See all your money in a whole new way.