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Benefits of Strategic Cash Reconciliation and Cash Forecasting

cash reconciliation
Cash forecasting and cash reconciliation are integral parts of business and cash flow planning. Without accurate forecasts, it's difficult for businesses to plan their cash flow needs. And daily cash reconciliation is critical to ensuring that enough liquid cash is available in operating accounts to cover working capital needs. Given their importance, companies need to view cash forecasting and reconciliation from a strategic perspective.

Beyond Traditional Treasury Management: Making Treasury Your Strategic Advisor

treasury management
Too often, businesses view their treasury manager through the "transaction" lens. But today's bank treasury management specialists are equipped to provide much more than just transaction processing. Savvy finance and treasury executives are proactively working to go beyond traditional treasury by making the bank treasury management team a key strategic advisor. Bank treasury management specialists can add tremendous value.

Payment Exceptions: How to Limit Them

payment exceptions
Practically any business that receives payments electronically has had to deal with payment exceptions. Exceptions are payments that, for one reason or another, cannot be posted accurately upon receipt by billers. While the exception rate for all bill payments is only about one-half of one percent, this adds up to an estimated 130 million payments each year that require exception handling.