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Data Theft / Intellectual Property Theft: Don't Make It Easy to Steal from You

How to Protect Your Business from Data Theft and Intellectual Property Infringement
Many companies store sensitive data or information. Customer credit card numbers, client account numbers, payroll records, proprietary content or patent specs, when compromised, may create big problems for small businesses. You're just as likely to lose data or intellectual property to an unhappy employee as you will to an anonymous hacker who finds entry into your company files or steals your content from the Web. What can you do? Be proactive.

Business Continuity Plan: A Must-Have Tool to Navigate Potential Crises

IT Manager Oversees Systems Backup for Business Continuity
Most business owners face countless real-time issues every day as they work to establish and run their company. Often, the remote risk of a large-scale disaster takes a back seat to daily problems requiring concrete solutions. Yet, companies don't want to be left scrambling to keep their business operations afloat if a large threat arises. By devising a business continuity plan before a disaster hits, and reviewing the plan on an annual basis, companies can help

7 Tips to Retaining Employees and Hiring the Right Ones in the First Place

The Right Employees are Crucial to Your Business' Success
A stable workforce is part of the foundation of a stable business. Experienced employees know their jobs. New hires undergo a learning curve which can lower company productivity if there's a lot of turnover among the staff. Find the best people. Then keep the best people in place. It's more productive and less costly It's more productive and less costly to retain existing employees than recruit new people.