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Growing Pains? Is Outsourcing a Good Idea?

Outsourcing Services
It’s common practice for many companies experiencing growing pains to consider outsourcing functions like HR or IT, along with outsourcing specific job roles to individuals with skill sets that match the role. Depending on the players, it might be a good idea for your company or business. Before you initiate a business process outsourcing plan, consider these questions.

How to Take a Vacation From Work: Tips for Leaving the Business Behind

Business man at desk on a beach
Small business owners are under a great deal of stress—between making a profit, managing staff and exceeding customer expectations, they're the ideal candidates for some much-needed time off. But according to a recent Inc. article reporting on data from a Staples survey, nearly half of all small business owners skip taking a vacation every year, while 40 percent of those who do make time to get away can't fully relax.Thinking about taking a vacation from work?

Data Theft / Intellectual Property Theft: Don't Make It Easy to Steal from You

How to Protect Your Business from Data Theft and Intellectual Property Infringement
Many companies store sensitive data or information. Customer credit card numbers, client account numbers, payroll records, proprietary content or patent specs, when compromised, may create big problems for small businesses. You're just as likely to lose data or intellectual property to an unhappy employee as you will to an anonymous hacker who finds entry into your company files or steals your content from the Web. What can you do? Be proactive.