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Why Profits and Cash Flow Are Both Critical to Your Business’ Success

Small Business Cash Flow
Profitability is critical to running a successful business. After all, why own a business if your goal isn’t to make money? However, there is another business success factor that is just as important as profitability, if not more so: ensuring strong cash flow. Poor cash flow is one of the leading causes of business failure — because while companies can often ride out short-term periods of unprofitability, it’s much harder to stay in business when you run out of cash. This post outlines the difference between profits and cash flow, as well as tips to improve your cash flow.

Five Ways To Be More Organized At Work

Become More Organized in 2015
Many people make New Year’s Resolutions at this time of year, often resolving to lose weight, get in better shape or save more money. In a recent survey of employees, workers ranked wanting to “become more organized” at work among their top goals for 2015. As most people spend at least half of their waking hours at work, this certainly is a relevant goal. Here are five useful tips to help you become more organized at work.

Top Regulatory Concerns for Small Businesses In 2015

Small Business Regulatory Issues
As you plan your business strategies for 2015, it would be wise to take into consideration regulatory issues that could affect small businesses in the upcoming year. For business owners, it’s important to be aware of regulations in the pipeline and the steps you may have to take to be compliant. Five regulatory items to keep an eye on this year include the Affordable Care Act, minimum wage increases, EMV chip-embedded cards, right-to-work laws and Basel III.