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Why Profits and Cash Flow Are Both Critical to Your Business’ Success

Small Business Cash Flow
Profitability is critical to running a successful business. After all, why own a business if your goal isn’t to make money? However, there is another business success factor that is just as important as profitability, if not more so: ensuring strong cash flow. Poor cash flow is one of the leading causes of business failure — because while companies can often ride out short-term periods of unprofitability, it’s much harder to stay in business when you run out of cash. This post outlines the difference between profits and cash flow, as well as tips to improve your cash flow.

How Optimistic Are Small Business Owners About the Economy and Their Companies’ Futures?

Small Business Owners and Economy
Some small business owners remain pessimistic about the economy, according to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Research Foundation’s September Small Business Optimism Index. Although the overall Small Business Optimism Index fell, individual components of the index improved such as “plans to increase inventory,” “expect the economy to improve,” and “now is a good time to expand.” This post dispels common misperceptions among small business owners about lending that can hinder growth and expansion.

Cash Flow is Still King

Cash Flow
It’s been said, “Cash flow is king.” The truth is: cash flow is one of the most critical components of success for small or mid-sized businesses, and effectively managing cash flow is one of the biggest challenges faced by most business owners. In this post, we share three tips that will help businesses start managing their cash flow more efficiently.