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Cyber Liability: Why You Need This Kind of Insurance

Cyberliability Insurance
It seems like hardly a week goes by without news of another data breach at a major U.S. corporation or retailer. But if you thought cyber security was only an issue for large companies, think again. Cyber criminals are targeting all types and sizes of businesses in their quest to steal any and every kind of corporate information that could be profitable to them. In fact, many are shifting their focus to small and mid-sized firms as large businesses beef up their cyber security efforts. This post details the potential cyber liabilities faced by many businesses and the types of cyber liability coverage available out there.

Top Regulatory Concerns for Small Businesses In 2015

Small Business Regulatory Issues
As you plan your business strategies for 2015, it would be wise to take into consideration regulatory issues that could affect small businesses in the upcoming year. For business owners, it’s important to be aware of regulations in the pipeline and the steps you may have to take to be compliant. Five regulatory items to keep an eye on this year include the Affordable Care Act, minimum wage increases, EMV chip-embedded cards, right-to-work laws and Basel III.

Auto Insurance For Business - A Cost Effective Way To Minimize Your Liability

Business auto insurance
When it comes to running a business there are many insurance policies which can be purchased to minimize liability; however, one of the most overlooked items is auto insurance for business purposes. Even for companies that do not run fleets or own company cars, if employees ever need to use their personal cars for company business, it is crucial for the employer to purchase an employer's non-owned and hired auto insurance policies. Such policies are a must because