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Separating Personal and Business Expenses - A Must

Keep Your Business Expenses Separate
The commingling of personal and business expenses is an all-too-common mistake many new businesses make. But this can create big headaches at tax time and may lead to a host of other problems ranging from tax audits, to disallowance of valid corporate expenses, to legal judgments. To maintain the viability of your business, even if you're just starting out, differentiating your personal and business expenses is a must. Here are five tips to help you get started.

Business Reputation -- Protecting Your Company Brand Online

Business Reputation
It can take years to build a quality brand name that represents superior goods and services delivery. But just a few negative company reviews on websites like Amazon or Angie's List has the potential to demolish all of the hard work you've put into protecting your online business reputation. Negative customer reviews, or impartial third-party reviews from outlets that publish opinions onthe type of business in which your company is engaged, can have a significant

Cost Reduction Strategies: Keep Your Overhead Low

Cost Reduction Strategies
Managing company financials and developing cost reduction strategies enables management to productively allocate resources, identify future opportunities and predict potential downstream challenges. At the same time, it equips the management team with empirical evidence to develop specific business growth strategies and lower operational costs.