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Benefits of Strategic Cash Reconciliation and Cash Forecasting

cash reconciliation
Cash forecasting and cash reconciliation are integral parts of business and cash flow planning. Without accurate forecasts, it's difficult for businesses to plan their cash flow needs. And daily cash reconciliation is critical to ensuring that enough liquid cash is available in operating accounts to cover working capital needs. Given their importance, companies need to view cash forecasting and reconciliation from a strategic perspective.

Advantages of Business Equipment Leasing

Business Equipment
For large and small enterprises, business equipment leasing has advantages over outright purchases. Whether it's a startup or more mature business, savvy owners can benefit from leasing a variety of equipment from computers and printers to company cars and heavy construction products. In addition to the advantages enjoyed during the lease period, businesses often have disposal options that purchasing would not provide.

Why Employee Dishonesty Insurance Is A Must For Employers
How well can you trust your employees? While this may sound cynical, it's a fact that fraud and embezzlement are on the rise. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' 2012 Report to the Nations, small organizations with fewer than 100 employees experienced median losses attributed to fraud of $147,000, and are most commonly the victims of fraud instances. When it comes to running a business, employees often are trusted to do the right thing with