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Now is the Time for an Annual Wealth Checkup

Annual Wealth Checkup
Over the past year, circumstances in your life may have changed and affected your finances. For that reason, it’s a good idea to consider performing an annual wealth checkup as part of your New Year’s resolution. By meeting with your wealth advisor at the beginning of the year, you can determine where you stand from a financial, wealth and estate planning perspective and plan accordingly. This post discusses different areas you should focus on while conducting a wealth checkup.

“I Don’t Need Factoring” Or Do You?

Short-Term Financing
Factoring is actually one of the oldest and most established forms of financing in the world. This post lists several attractive benefits of factoring, as well as explains how to determine when your company should use factoring to access much-needed funds, accelerate cash flow and improve accounts receivable management.

21st Century Crime Prevention: How to Protect Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime has been ranked by the Director of National Intelligence as the top national security threat — ahead of terrorism and foreign espionage. In this article, we’ll discuss why middle-market companies are a prime target and how they can reduce cybercrime by educating employees to recognize threats.