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Life at Cadence

Cadence Bank associates are problem-solvers, motivated by a deep desire to create unique, customized solutions for our clients. We work in an environment where listening is a prized skill and customer focus is our bread-and-butter.

“Associates” is the designation we use instead of “employees.” An associate is an individual who shares actively in something. It implies a connection, a collaboration. Cadence associates are empowered to make decisions, supported by our company’s policies and centered on our customer’s success.

At Cadence Bank, we are focused on delivering the highest value to our clients. This commitment permeates everything we do and is the cornerstone of our Culture and Values.

Get-it-done attitude

Our associates bring an energetic combination of intelligence, common sense, experience and confidence that lets us deliver on what we believe:

  • We strive to give our clients what we say we will, when we say we will.
  • Listening is at the heart of exceptional service.
  • We will reach our vision by living up to our promises.

“If our associates are happy, then our customers are happy.”

Paul B. Murphy, Jr., President & CEO, Cadence Bancorp

Cadence Bank wants our associates to know they are a valued resource — an associate who feels valued embodies a customer service-oriented attitude, and feels motivated to lead, to be responsive and to be accountable.

Executive Minutes: Treasury

Executive Minutes: Treasury

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What Keeps You Up At Night

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